The Jobs Report is a quarterly report which tracks Australian & New Zealand job opportunities and trends by industry, occupation and employment type.

Put simply, The Jobs Report exists to help job-seekers, workers, professionals, business and government understand where Australian & New Zealand jobs opportunities exist, how they are changing and how to respond to them. The Jobs Report is the most comprehensive job opportunity data available in the market, drawing on more than 6,500 different job posting websites each quarter.

Latest Reports & Insights


NEW ZEALAND – Jobs market contracts as business confidence retreats

The June Quarter in New Zealand reflects a wearying employment market. Job postings fell 8.8% from the previous quarter.


AUSTRALIA – Job postings rise despite economic headwinds

Despite rising interest rates and inflation, falling business confidence and whispers of a recession, the Australian employment market continues to boast unprecedented opportunities and wages for candidates across most industries.


AUSTRALIA – The Jobs Report, April – June 2022

The National Job Index rose 7.0% in the June quarter despite economic challenges. The Index stands at 181.43, closing in on the record set last November when lockdowns ended.